New Life for a Train Station- Claire's at the Depot

I am a big fan of restaurants in unique locations, it really adds to the charm when a place has a Claire's at the Depot in Warrenton. Established in the town's old train depot built in the 1850s, Claire's is really the perfect mix of homey and genteel -  an elegant place with brick walls, warm woods, and real linens that still makes you feel right at home.  My husband and I found this gem when we were driving back and forth to visit my Mom who lived in Winchester, thanks to Yelp. It became one of our favorite spots to stop whenever we were in the neighborhood. My husband even picked Claire's to present me with a wedding band after 42 years of marriage! Apparently we are not the only ones who love it since Claire's was listed among Open Table's 100 most romantic restaurants in America!
history. There is no place I know in Virginia that represents this more than

As charming as the location is, without amazing food, the train station location would just be a gimmick, but oh, the food. The place you must start on the menu at Claire's is their famous she-crab soup, it is really the best I have had ever, and I have tried many across the Delmarva region -  so rich, with tons of crab and a little heat. Since we are always
traveling, we don't often get to have a drink, but on a stop yesterday for lunch on the way home, I was
How a Southern lady drinks  
tempted by an Elderflower Spritzer- it sounded so Old South, so since I was not driving, I decided to splurge, and it was worth it - a light fizzy drink with just a touch of sweetness. For lunch my husband picked a bowl of the famous she-crab soup and the goat cheese and beet salad. I also had a cup of the crab soup but my daughter and I decided to split the swordfish kabob lunch special, even though neither of us has a great love for swordfish- we just felt adventurous.  My daughter also had the yellowfin tuna

The soup was delicious as usual, but the  real star was the swordfish kabob.  The fish was tender and moist with red onion and pineapple over a bed of cilantro rice- it won us over  and we were so glad that we didn't go with the safe choice.The dish was really delightful.

Now normally we don't have dessert after lunch, but, hey, its Claire's and my husband was tempted by the flourless chocolate and my daughter and I decided to split the key lime pie.

The chocolate cake was dense with a deep dark chocolate flavor,and the key lime pie was creamy and tart without being acidic. Just the perfect ending to our meal.

Feeling full, we were ready to tackle the stormy drive home. Just like its time as a stop on a journey in its previous life, Claire's is a perfect stop for travelers no matter where or when you are stopping through.