The Morning After

Nope, I'm not talking about the morning after a big alcohol binge, or a hot romantic tryst. What I am talking about is even more traumatic...the morning after Christmas Day. Wrapping paper everywhere, the sound of all kinds of electronic and battery-powered toys and gadgets, and stacks of clothing that need to be returned. Sound like a nightmare? Not to me. December 26th is my favorite day of the holidays- all gifts are taken care of, the feast has been cooked and Ziplok bags of leftovers await anyone's hunger pangs, and all manner of sweets, desserts and snacks- some you've made and some gifted by friends and neighbors beckon from tins ready to quench the holiday sweet tooth. Can there be a better day for a working mom? I have actually been known to not change from new Christmas pajamas and robe for the entire day, basking in the luxury of having nothing that has to be done or nowhere that I have to go. I have been spotted using this very laptop to play rounds of Bejeweled,or reading one of the tons of People and other "trash" magazines that my sister in law brings to our family to take its turn. The smell of turkey stock, the legacy of our Christmas dinner, permeates the house.

As I look around, the house is at its best with boughs of evergreen, bright twinkling lights. Everything is clean, the silver is polished and linens are on the table. Stockings with each of my children's names are hung again, now empty at the fireplace, a reminder of so many Christmases before filled with bright eyes, faces full of wonder, giggles and belly laughs, piles of discarded wrapping paper, and noise, noise, noise! It is time for the greatest Christmas blessing of all- the quiet, the peace ,the satisfaction of another Christmas successfully executed, and another year of fond memories made.

Merry Day after Christmas to you all!