Epi-log decides to play with food

Imagine my surprise, nay shock, when after posting my blog last night, I checked the Epicurious Editor's blog Epi-Log to see what was tickling the fancy of Tanya Steel, and found that, in fact, I (and the Play with Food blog) had piqued her Epicuriosity! The editor of Epicurious, the best food site for those of us exploring the new and perfecting the familiar, actually made one of my recipes! And she liked it!

I could hardly sleep I was so excited, and I couldn't wait to tell my friends and coworkers, most of whom are mystified by the whole blog thing (different generation). Here is a summary of reactions:

My husband: Thrilled- he now calls me "nationally recognized"
My kids: Underwhelmed except that they asked me if I was going to be on Food Network
My coworkers:Wanted to know why I didn't say which nuclear physics lab I worked at (Jefferson Lab in Newport News)
My daughter, Kate- Really excited for me since she knows that having my writing recognized this way is a thrill for me.
Me: Inspired. That is why I could hardly wait to get on the computer an share that excitement with my readers. I will be here more often because now someone, not just my family "gets" my blog and its purpose. This is my virtual kitchen table and all of you are friends and neighbors who can come in, ask (and give) advice, and share the fun that food can be.


Lisa said…
Add another reaction:
Friend/neighbor/fellow mom Lisa: Thrilled -- but not surprised. We've been eating at Debbie's table for nearly a decade now, and it's always fabulous. I can't begin to count how many recipes in my box start with "Debbie's XXXX".