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Okay, I am not a nationally known blogger, but in my morning rounds of my favorite blogs, I saw that Amy responded to a meme that asked her to share 5 things about herself that people didn't know. She was tagged by Pim of Chez Pim. Even though no one tagged me, I was intrigued by the meme and am going to post my five things in order to allow my readers to know me and hopefully they will share some fun and unusual things about themselves as well. If I am inviting you to my cyber-kitchen table, we really should know each other better. And I will be tagging some of you to share your five things as well.

1) I was the choreographer and captain of my drill team in high school. At that time we saw ourselves as the "anti-cheerleaders" and it was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to travel to away games and competitions in a school bus, march in parades, and practice in the dark of morning and dark of night.

2) I got an autograph from Lucille Ball. She was the Grand Marshall at the Apple Blossom Parade in my hometown of Winchester, and when I went up to her car with my program, since I too was a redhead, she signed my program.

3) I kissed Richard Dawson on Family Feud (showing my age!) My family went to local tryouts in Norfolk and were selected, and were flown to Hollywood. We saw Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood Hills, and were on four consecutive shows, winning about $13,000 in the big money round.

4) My grandfather never knew my first name. My mother's father started calling me "Slickhead" when I was born as bald as a billiard ball. He and my grandmother were separated so we didn't see each other very often. After he had a stroke in his 60s (and I was about 16), I went to visit him in the hospital and was very upset when he didn't know who I was... until I introduced myself as "Slickhead" Then he knew who I was!

5) Since this is a food blog, I guess one of these revelations should be food-related. Okay, I'm going to say it... I like liver. I liked it as a kid and still do. Calves liver, chicken liver, I have only had foie gras as pate, even liverwurst. Liver has to be cooked exactly right, long enough to not be bloody and Rosemary's Baby-ish but not so much that it is gray shoe leather. I know love of liver is not politically correct these days, but cooked right.. it is fabulous!
So there you are- laugh or cry or stop reading altogether, or even better, write me with some revelations of your own.

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s'kat said…
I LOVED family feud!! That's awesome. Thanks for the tag!
Kathy Maister said…
This is my very first tag! Very cool...but I can't play till Friday! See you then!
jim said…
Hey Deb!
I saw your comment about Funchop on another blog and thought that I would reach out to you and send you a sample of Funchop!

Please send me an email at Info(at)