Football Sundays

I have seen scores of sites, TV shows, etc. preparing for Super Sunday. I decided that the last thing anyone needed was to read another post about refried bean dip, or chicken wings, or nachos. I wanted to share with you how I became a football fan and why you should be too (or at least act like one). It's an excuse to play with food!

I grew up in a house with three younger brothers and so sports was a part of life. Little League, bowl games, and NFL football (particularly the Redskins) were part of our family life. This was particularly evident on Sundays and on Thanksgiving and New Year's when football was the order of the day. I learned early that there were two groups of people at these times - those in the family room enjoying the game(or pretneding to) and those in the kitchen doing the dishes. To me, this choice was a no-brainer. I learned very quickly the difference between a touchdown and a touchback.
Once I had my own family, in our house we often turned Sunday games into an occasion, making finger foods or chili, wearing team colors and yelling at the referees together. Food is an essential part of the football experience (along with beer, of course). The NFL's decision not to allow tailgating at the Super Bowl this year for security reasons may end up stirring up domestic unrest while deterring terrorists! Food and football are a great combination (unless you were a Redskin fan this year, in which case you probably lost your appetite!) So surf the Food Network and Epicurious and the many other sited that have great ideas for football food and start your own family tradition. And if you don't like sports... there's always the commercials... or the wardrobe malfunctions, to look forward to!