What's in (on) my refrigerator?

It has been awhile since Michael of Chicken-Fried Gourmet tagged me with a meme to show what is in my refrigerator. Okay, Michael, I am a working mother who blogs. When I saw that you tagged me, I wanted to do all of the following: 1) buy a new refrigerator (my preference pictured right), 2) take the day off and clean my existing refrigerator, 3) Go to Trader Joe's and fill my fridge with triple cream brie and beluga caviar. However, reality (and finances) prevailed and so I waited for a weekend when I had time, tidied up and took inventory so Michael would not think I had forgotten or worse, was ignoring him. Besides, I started this blog to make cooking approachable, and what could be more approachable than a fridge whose contents go from Velveeta to venison?!

First of all, because this blog centers on cooking for a family, what is on the outside of my fridge is as important as what is inside. To the left you see my fridge from the outside, plastered with appointment reminders, papers with good grades, certificates, a picture of us all at Katie's college graduation party, the operating calendar for Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and phone numbers of whomever the kids were with last. You know, when it was brand new in the showroom, its stark white double doors looked so neat...

but our house is not a showroom but a home, and so...

I am putting off showing you the inside, but part of blogging is opening up, even if it is your refrigerator! So ta-da! Here it is to the right with the fridge and freezer open (you can see I spent less time on the freezer!)

So what is in there? Here is a partial list:

Meat: Some chorizo, turkey bacon, Jamestown Sausage (you caught me, it's my husband's addiction), a defrosting flank steak I am stuffing with blue cheese for dinner and a defrosting whole turkey for tomorrow's dinner

Cheese: Cambia artisan blue, Land O Lakes White American slices from the deli (my sister in law loves this cheese and turned us on to it), Kraft American, Manchego, neufchatel, Dubliner, and some Emmenthaler, Feta

Staples: Sundried tomatoes, Artichoke hearts, chipotle peppers in adobo, capers, chili and garlic sauce, butter(for cooking) and Smart Balance (for eating), anchovies,

Condiments: Mayo, 5 kinds of mustard including Trader Joe's Sweet and Hot, Honeycup (my favorite), French's and Dijon, and jalapeno dijon, Ketchup, Alfredo Sauce, pesto,

Miscellaneous: Buttermilk (remainder used from a recipe for soda bread, skim milk, Perrier (bought for a dinner guest who had wine instead), Diet Pepsi, Ruby Red grapefruit juice, Kirkland bottled water (where would we be without Costco?), eggs (real and Eggbeaters), yogurt (I love the Trader Joe's Mediterranean); Sliced roast beef and baby swiss cheese for sandwiches.

Produce: Asparagus, Celery, Romaine, Lemons, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Onions, scallions, radishes

Leftovers: Feta-stuffed chicken breasts (from a recipe I got from Elizabeth at Mommy Cooks), Homemade barbecue pulled pork

Okay, so now I feel so much better- I responded to a meme and cleaned out my fridge and posted all in the same day. Now, I have to tag someone. If you have been tagged previously, I apologize, but if not, open up those fridge doors and bare your (filet of) sole!

I tag: Shelley of S'kat and the Food (she will probably be glad to feature a kitchen appliance that works), Shauna at Gluten Free Girl (I know her fridge will be interesting), and Anne of Cooking with Anne (she probably has two fridges!)


The Mommy Chef said…
Hi Deborah.I love to see what other people have in their refrigerators! One of these days I will find the courage to show you mine!Also there is a typo in your post.My name is Elizabeth, not Karen.I am home with sick kids so I haven't posted in a few days.Hopefully they will be feeling better soon so I can get back into the kitchen.I am tired of soups! LOL.Have a great weekend.
Deborah Dowd said…
So sorry Elizabeth- that's what happens when you aare my age and try to do things from memory! I fixed it in the post, and I'm glad I got the link right so people can check you out.

Hope the kids get better soon- it is a bummer when they are sick!
There really is a variety! And your fridge is stocked to the limit! Can I come over and invite myself over for dinner?
Shauna said…
Oh my goodness, this is great! I'll try, but I swear, our kitchen is so messy right now from recipe testing (both for my book and the Chef's new pan-Asian menu) that it will take me a full day of cleaning before I can allow my camera entrance.

Hm, maybe this is just the incentive I need....
Deborah Dowd said…
Passionate Eater- It seems like no matter how much we eat my fridge is always full to the gills.. And anytime you are in Newport News, you are welcome to dinner!

Shauna- I checked the original meme- it took me two full weeks to get mine to the point I wasn't sure that child welfare would come take my children! Take your time, no stress, and I am looking forward to the results.
Glenna said…
absolutely fabulous! You have a very sophisticated family fridge. Love it! You've inspired me to upgrade my fridge contents. I think I have Hershey's syrup, Heinz ketchup, Kraft singles, and some broccoli. Can we trade? Guess I need to go to the grocery.

I've been thinking about your daughter being in anesthesia school. We work with those anesthesioligists all the time. Mostly the docs, not the nurses, but that's just because we respiratory people are the automatic responders to code blues. We live and breathe CPR. So we bag until they intubate and then we hook up the vent. Tell her I'm thinking about her and wishing her the best of luck.
Deborah Dowd said…
Glenna - I don't think of my fridge as being sophsticated, especially when I read other food blogs, but I try to have things around that allow me flexibility.

And thanks so much for your kind words for Katie- she can use all the good thoughts and prayers,as she is in her final 9 months of the program!
Freya and Paul said…
Great blog you have here! Fun and interesting articles!
Lady Rose said…
Cool Meme and we are totally enjoying your blog! It would take me forever to get my fridge ready for a photo op -- but who knows I just might bear it all and post as as is photo one day. :)
vasilisa said…
Well, this fridge is so neatly organized that I just want to hide my head in shame. Even though I have a pretty fancy fridge, the state of its insides are such that I could never participate in a meme like this.

PS: thanks for stopping by my blog :-)
hhmmmm I see you went and showed me up by breaking it down into categories :)
Deborah Dowd said…
Freya and Paul- Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you will be regulars, and I will be visiting you as well!

Lady Rose - I am glad you enjoy the blog,it is nice to hear that people enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it... and if I am honest it actually took me awhile to get my fridge ready for this post!

Vasilisa - I am so glad that you commented- I was on your blog before the baby and couldn't remember your address (getting old sucks!) First of all, congrats on your beautiful baby ( I like looking at him as much as the food!) Second, I threw out everything green or fuzzy and nicely arranged what was left- appearances can be deceiving!

Michael- Thanks for giving me a reason to clean out my fridge, and your assortment of cheeses put me to shame!