Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fooling in June

After being totally taken in by the trio at Peanut Butter Etouffee with their April Fool's post, it made me start thinking about a post that was seriously playing with food. I already told about my husband who gave one of his co-workers a recipe for a low-fat substitute for sour cream, telling him to combine yogurt and lemon juice instead of cottage cheese and lemon juice. Thank heaven the guy was not his boss, but that was a food mistake not a food joke (and I am sure his co-worker wasn't laughing).

Then there was the time when Molly swore, after seeing a TV show (damn MTV!) where people drank raw eggs to build muscle, that she could do that. She kept insisting and so we bought pasteurized eggs to make sure she wouldn't get sick - she tried one whole, one beaten, and one beaten with orange juice, but she still only managed a swallow. However, Bridget, not to be outdone, swallowed a whole beaten egg with orange juice down the hatch. But while it was a bit funny to watch (except for the resultant gagging!), it wasn't really a joke.

It was Katie who decided to play with food... at the expense of others, when we were at our annual Dowd Beach Week. She decided to make some lemon angel food cupcakes that she had seen in a magazine. She gathered all the ingredients, and we scoured the rental house for cupcake pans, and she set about mixing and baking, giving us a taste of batter, and of the frosting as she assembled the cupcakes. Katie had an evil plan. She set aside one cupcake and instead of putting lemon frosting on the top, she frosted it with mayonnaise! There were assorted cousins and two of Bridget's friends with us and one by one Katie tried but failed to fool her siblings and her cousins, but she found a hapless victim in Bridget's friend Carly (she didn't know us well enough yet to be suspicious!) Carly, as we all watched trying not to give up the joke, took a big bite. She never made a face, saying that she thought the cupcake was great (though not with much enthusiasm!)
We all burst out laughing and told her what Katie had done. To this day, Carly will tell you the mayo-frosted cupcake wasn't really that bad. The moral of the story- Make sure you're not getting played when your friends decide to play with food.


mooncrazy said...

Mayo frosting. Ugh But my darling husband would have loved it. He makes mayo sandwiches. No accounting for taste. Hey, thanks for playing along and being a good sport about our April joke.

Cris said...

Thanks for the laugh! Did you get to make calamaris? Take care.

Doodles said...

what a great post....thanks for visiting us over in PBE land.

David said...

I just read somewhere about goat saliva as a new health food, I hope that was an April Fool's post! Thanks for stopping by Cooking Chat, do join us for the next Leftover Tuesdays!

Deborah Dowd said...

Mooncrazy- yyou totally sucked me in!
Cris- You only could laugh because you didn't eat the mayo cupcake and yes I made calamari as a Sunday appetizer!
Doodles- How's your new addition?
David- I saw that too and I would definitely prefer the mayo frosting!

Sorcha said...

Have you ever read the book Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth? In it, Elizabeth has to drink a raw egg every day for a week and accomplishes this by doing it in milkshakes. Your girls' raw egg adventure reminded me of that.

Kristen said...

Sneaky, sneaky girl! Lol!

I used to make salt and pepper toast instead of cinnamon sugar toast and put that out as my April 1st joke every year. I had one friend who actually really liked it and would request it for breakfast afterwards!

Deborah Dowd said...

Sorcha- I haven't read that, but if it was anything like my girls' attempts it was both sickening and hilarious!

Kristen- Please don't give the Dowd children ideas!

kyle foster said...

i made a mayo frosting one time and i can't find the recipe anywhere... could you possible get me that recipe?