Things I thought I'd never eat...

In reading people's comments to my posts, many of which include food likes and dislikes, I thought about those foods that I love now that at one time I couldn't even imagine eating, and I thought that it might make a good post. Sometimes your food likes and dislikes come from previous experience, or childhood food experiences, sometimes it is just your personal taste. No matter what the reason, we can be encouraged (those of us with picky eaters in our household) that over time tastes can change, if we are adventurous and play with food!

Foods I thought I would never eat:

Skim Milk-Like a lot of 50's era kids I grew up drinking whole milk. As I got older and wanted to reduce fat I cut back to 2% milk, but even so, I could not drink skim milk. To me, it tasted like watered down milk (I also couldn't stand ice in milk for that same reason). But time marches on and in trying to reduce calories and fat in my family's diet, we have been drinking skim milk in coffee, cereal and with cookies or brownies (Defeating the purpose?!)

Rabbit- As a child I had a very traumatic experience when I saw a neighbor of my grandparents kill their pet bunny for a meal. It wasn't until about three years ago that Evil David made rabbit and I could eat it, and it was delicious. I guess time really does heal all wounds (great for me, not so much for the rabbits!)

Yogurt- Back in the 70s when only hippies ate yogurt, a friend of mine tricked me into taking a bite of plain yogurt. It tasted like thick buttermilk, and it spoiled me on yogurt until the 80s. Now I love yogurt- tzatziki, yogurt cheese, mediterranean yogurt, and the traditional fruit yogurt. One of my favorite healthy desserts, Swedish cream, is made with yogurt. But I still don't like buttermilk!

Sushi and sashimi- Honestly, I never thought I would eat raw fish, and it took real inspiration to get me to try it. I was invited to lunch by a competitive male colleague who suggested we go for sushi, assuming as a mom from a working class background just re-entering the workforce that I wouldn't be into sushi (he even made a point to let me know of the stir-fries available!). I was determined that I was not going to be intimidated when he ordered sushi, so I ordered sushi as well (I think primarily tuna roll and California roll). The lunch was not all that memorable, but I became addicted to sushi- I have tried just about every variety, and I make sashimi quite often for tapas and as a light summer dinner.
Fennel- I have never liked licorice, even the smell squashes my appetite. I was the kid who gave all the black jelly beans to my brother (who loved licorice!), so when I heard that fennel had a licorice-like taste, I wasn't very inspired to try it. However, after Evil David incorporated it in a dish at tapas night, I found that I liked it. I have several dishes that I use fennel in, including a delicious salad and fish en papillote. But I still throw away the black jellybeans!
Sardines- My stepdad used to love sardines and he ate the ones packed in mustard as a snack (okay, this was the man who drank buttermilk from a carton!), and I could hardly stand the smell of them. However, again, this when grilled sardines were one of the first tapas dishes Evil David made, I had to give them a try. With fresh lemon squeezed over and sea salt, they were delicious, and now we have these morsels regularly!
Swedish Cream with Fruit
1 quart plain lowfat yogurt
1 package instant vanilla pudding mix (I use sugar free, fat free to keep calories down and so my diabetic husband can enjoy this)
Fresh fruit (sliced strawberries, kiwi, peaches or a combination are all delicious)
Using a hand mixer or whisk, mix pudding mix into yogurt until well-blended and thickened. Chill. Serve topped with fruit or make a parfait layering fruit and cream. A delicious and healthy dessert!

So come clean...What are the foods you like now that you thought you would never eat?!


Trudy Thelander said…
Like you, I’m addicted to sushi, and I also love yogurt (particularly thick and creamy Greek-style yogurt). But when it comes to rabbit, well, that’s another story. I just can’t imagine eating any animal that’s as cute and furry as a cat.
Glenna said…
Great list! I'd never really thought about it before but you're right. There are a lot of foods as kids or by bad first impressions that we don't like but eventually sort of grown into.
mooncrazy said…
Funny all but the raw fish, I'd try it but I have a fish allergy but spinach, of any kind, was something I avoided as a kid. Now I love it.

Good post.
My MIL cook French rabbit stew which is delicious but my significant other would never ever touch it because it reminds him of the little georgia (his pet rabbit when he was little). I have eaten deer meat without realising it but it was very delicious. Tried goat cheese but still no go for me. It just makes me gag.
Deborah Dowd said…
Trudy- Believe me, I was with you for years!
Glenna- I kept thinking of more after I posted, so this may be a topic I revisit!
Mooncrazy- I was one of those strange kids who loved spinach!
Ninja- I have to admit, I could not cook a whole rabbit, it has to be already cut into pieces, and you are right about venison... it is delicious and lean!
Kristen said…
I'll have to think about this.

I had octopus the other day...not something I imagined eating. Es cargo...same thing.
s'kat said…
Almost everything I eat! When I was younger, my dislikes list was extremely long and comprehensive. There are few things now that I would hesitate to try (headcheese being one of them).
Sara said…
I refused to eat sushi (I'd only eat the cucumber rolls) until about 2 years ago when I had to go out for lunch with one of the new owners of my company. I was too nervous to tell him I didn't like sushi when he picked the restaurant. To my surprise I liked almost everything we had. I still won't eat rabbit, or lamb, or venison or stuff like that.
Genevieve said…
Totally agreee with you on the sashimi...

BTW - thanks for visiting bribe me with a muffin. I'm looking forward to reading about wine at your tapas nights!
Deborah Dowd said…
Kristen- Not a big fan of octopus, but I have had escargot, and with garlic butter they were pretty good, but anything would be ood with enough garlic butter!

Shelley- You give me hope that my fussy eater will eventually come around!

Sara-Funny how you will eat about anything to save face!

Genevieve- Sashimi and summer is a match made in heaven (wasabi is a bonus!), and you did bribe me with a muffin! Great site!
Lídia said…
Hi Deborah,
Thank you for your visit. I am happy that you liked the köfte and I hope you like the kibbeh too.
Claire said…
I LOVE yogurt but have yet to try Greek style. I hear it's really good but I don't know where to find it here. Never had rabbit. ONLY like skim milk, the other stuff is too thick! Don't like sushi or sashimi. I never thought I'd eat horse, but alas I have...only once! I also never thought I'd eat (like) brussel sprouts or turnip greens but my tastes have changed!