I'm Back!!

I thank all of you who kept coming back faithfully during my (unintentional) absence from the blogosphere. My DSL service, which had crapped out, has now been replaced with new Verizon Fios service. For those of you who follow this blog, our renovation of our rental house is coming to a close, so I am anticipating that life will return to semi-normal (meaning I will within a week finally have the smell of oil-based paint out of my nostrils). As soon as everything is done, I will post some pictures so that those of you who have shared the trials and tribulations (complaining... bitching...) of renovation with me.

So what have I learned from this forced vacation from blogging? That I miss connecting with all of you! I missed reading the preparations for Shauna's wedding, and offering a last congratulations and best wishes bfore she starts her married life with the Chef. I got tagged with a meme from Susan right before my service went down and I missed the fun of closing that loop (Blogga... by the end of this week, I swear!) I missed reading my regular blogs, corresponding via comments with Tanya, keeping up with the erudite conversation at Ruhlman and Hunger Artist, the everyday moments at Cooking with Anne, Ilva's gorgeous photos that transport me to places I may never be fortunate enough to visit (you still owe me questions, Ilva!). At the risk of seeming over-dramatic I have missed the stimulation, the inspiration, the encouragement, the joy, the laughs, the recipes, descriptions and photos that make me drool and head for my pantry to see what I need to make Dave's latest ice cream or Heidi's delicious veggie dishes. I missed reading Shelley's latest food discoveries that I can get to here in my own town. While my life over the past two weeks has been as busy (if not more) than ever, it just was not as full without all of you.

So here I am, back in the blogosphere, and I will be back here... and visiting your sites... as long as my Fios holds out!


s'kat said…
It's easy to get sucked away into the minutia of Real Life. Glad your back online and rarin' to go!
Anne said…
UGH! I would just die without my 'net service! Well, that and I couldn't work lol
Ilva said…
Ok here we go (otherwise I will forget it again)- 1. How has your view of children's food or the way you feed your children changed since you had your first one? 2. Which is the dominating colour in your house now when it's been painted? 3. Do you have a secret vice that you are prepared to share with us? 4. Do you collect something? If yes what and why? 5. The best thing you have ever eaten, why and where!

Now, I hope you wont take as long as I did before you answer!
Deborah Dowd said…
Shelley-I am glad to be back!(Could you tell?)

Anne-For me blogging is creative and relaxing from work... so I really missed it!

Ilva-I am posting my response to the question meme tonight! Thanks for remembering me and I hope my answers will provide some insight for members of the food blogging community.