Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend Herb Blogging-Veal chops with white wine and fresh sage

If you are following this blog you know that my days and nights lately have been taken up painting, scraping, priming a rental property that my family owns, and that after 8 hours of said activity, food has to be fast, simple and light. It turns out that necessity is the mother of invention, because some of my dinners in the last week have been, well, inspired (or maybe the food tastes good because we are so hungry!)

Last night, I made a dish that turned out really well and seemed a perfect entry for Kalyn's Weekend Herb Blogging, so here I am! First, let me start with the star of this meal- a pair of veal chops. Okay, call me a bohunk, but I had never had veal chops before, because they don't show up often where I shop, and when they did, they were incredibly expensive. However, with the number of people I have to cook for declining, when I saw a two-pack of these chops at Harris Teeter marked down from $11.45 to $1.97, I bought them and popped them in the freezer for a day when only Gavin, Molly and I would be there for dinner. Last night after 8 hours in rental renovation mode was the perfect night to play with these chops (and for $1.97, I could afford to have fun!)

In the supporting role was some tricolor sage that we have been growing as part of our "rolling garden" (pictured right) Because we do not have a lot of sun in our backyard, my husband started a container garden and put it in out old garden cart which he can move around to get maximum sunlight! The added advantage is that the multitudes of bunnies cannot reach my tender herbs!

I browned the chops in a pan in a little olive oil, salt and pepper and a chiffonade(this means I stacked the leaves on top of one another and cut into thin ribbons) of the fresh sage. Once the chops were browned on both sides I added some white wine and cooked until the chops were medium-rare. The chops were light in flavor (like a moister pork chop, with a more delicate flavor), and really delicious, so if you find some chops marked down to $1.97, you should give veal chops a try! I served these with a mixture of spinach and canellini beans cooked in garlic, and it was a big hit! I just wish I had taken a picture!
Veal Chops with White Wine and Fresh Sage Chiffonade (doesn't this sound really complicated!)
2 veal chops (or one per person if you are cooking for more than two)
12-20 sage leaves
1 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 cup white wine
Salt and pepper to taste
Put oil in pan and heat until just starting to smoke. Add chops and brown on both sides, adding a grind or two of salt and pepper. Lower to medium heat, add sage leaves and slowly add white wine, and cook covered for 10-15 minutes. Serve chops with the pan juices poured over.


Kalyn said...

I love your idea of moving the herbs around to get more son. Very clever husband you have there. The veal chops sound wonderful. I love veal, but I've never cooked it at home. Sage with veal sounds just perfect.

Deborah Dowd said...

Kalyn- So far the veggies and herbs seem to like it too!

Glenna said...

Absolutely fabulous!

s'kat said...

That is my idea of a perfect dinner.

Karen said...

Those chops look mouthwatering.

Sage is so pretty in the garden. I especially like it because it survives pretty harsh winters.

Ali said...

Rolling garden-genius!!
Thanks so much for that tip.

My husband is a chef and since we've been married I've been learning so many fabulous little cooking tricks.
I wanted to share one of my favorite tips-
if you drop an egg shell into a bowl the quickest and most assured way to extract it from the bowl is to use another egg shell. It adheres to the shell like a magnet. Eureka! maybe everyone already knew this?