Tag! I'm it!

This morning, I opened my blog to check for posts and comments (lurkers, please come forward!) and found that I had bee tagged by Natalie over at Gluten-Free Mommy with the "8 random things" meme. Early in my blog I responded to another similar meme, but I think I have come up with 8 other random things, but if any of these are repeats, I apologize.

1. I appeared on the old Family Feud (the one with Richard Dawson), and our family won for 5 episodes in a row. I even got to kiss Richard Dawson (who didn't?!) It was great fun and I got to see Rodeo Drive, and the famous Coast highway.

2.I love music, almost all kinds. You might be surprised that my musical taste is as diverse as George Michael, Enya, and Rage Against the Machine (usually on the way home at the end of a bad day!)

3. I was the founding Drill Team captain at my high school in Winchester VA. I loved it because I got to march in the huge Shenandoah Apple Blossom Parade.

4. I once got Lucille Ball's autograph (she was the Grand Marshall of the Apple Blossom Festival one year, and she signed mine and said to me "that is the color hair I was going for!")

5. While I grew up in the Woodstock and heavy metal era, my sole live concert experience was taking my girls to see Hanson (of MmmBop fame)

6. I have started a list of things I want to do before I die (you need this before you get too old to do them!)

7. I have never dyed my hair (I have had some high- and low-lights added, but of all the things about myself I have wanted to change, my hair color has never been one of them)

8.I delivered a neighbor's baby (that baby is now 24!) at home when she waited too long to go to the hospital (My own son was only weeks old at the time). It was an awe-inspiring experience and for years I wanted to be a midwife.

I know that this meme has traveled around quite a bit, but if you read this and would like to participate, link back here and bare your soul!


steph said…
i love that you were on "family feud" and got to meet lucille ball...both very cool things! i am a redhead too, and have never touched my haircolor either. i only know two other girls (women, whatever) in my age range who can say the same thing, and they are also both strawberry/redheads!
marye said…
wow! You dont NEED a list you haave done some cool things!
thanks for visiting my blog!
David Hall said…
Well done delivering a baby!! What an experience that must have been.

Glad you liked the lime and mint ice cream, did you try it? It won;t put much on your hips as it is made with yoghurt!

All the best
joey said…
You were on family feud??? Fantastic! And delivered a baby...wow! :)

If I was a redhead I wouldnt want to change my haircolor either :)
Deborah Dowd said…
Steph- Red Hair rocks! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Marye- Even though 50 is the new 30, I sometimes fel like my time is running out to do something spectacular (besides raising six kids)

David- It was a really cool experience... and very funny too (3rd time mom, first time dad!) I haven't tried the ice cream yet, but I will sometime this weekend.

Joey- That was back in the day! Thanks for stopping at my cyber kitchen table!
Karen said…
Wow, Deborah. What interesting things you've accomplished so far! Thanks for sharing.
Deborah Dowd said…
Karen- It sounds exciting when I look at it too... Until I start reading my fellow bloggers international travel adventures!
Elise said…
Hi Deborah - what a great list! Hard to top Family Feud. I loved watching that show. And meeting LUUUUCYY, well it just doesn't get cooler than that.