Curses.... Tagged again!!

I have probably shared more than anyone wants to know about me, but I am a sucker for memes, and I was tagged by Kristen at to share 6 things people don't know about me. The trick is thinking of things I haven't already shared, but here goes:

1) I am an amateur songwriter. I don't actually write any music, but I write words to common tunes for birthdays in our office or by request for other occasions. It is a fun outlet,but the funny part is that I have never written one for any of my family members (I am not sure why)

2)I was a pre-med major in college. I really wanted to go to med school or become a nurse-midwife, but my second year I got math burnout (love science, math... not so much, calculus... not at all!). I took a non-fiction writing course, and the rest is history!

3) Over twenty years ago, I delivered a neighbor's baby (this was the incident that made me want to be a midwife). I was only home with my own baby about 2 weeks when she went into labor. I heard her screaming and ran over (we were in opposite sides of a duplex). Her husband called the paramedics while I delivered the baby! It was an awesome experience!!

4) I have been insulted because I have six children. I once had a person in a grocery store when she saw me with four small children ask me if I had heard of birth control, and once during a job interview, a female interviewer asked me if I believed in birth control and whether I was planning to have any more children(I had 5 at that time). My Response? I told her that I thought that these days the wrong people believed in birth control. I got the job.

5) I can't stand licorice. I can't even stand the smell of it. I have only recently tried (and liked) fennel.

6) I am a Christmas season addict. I make no apologies. I love everything decorated, lighted, fragrant. I am always the last person I know to take down the Christmas tree because I hate the end of the season so much. My husband considers it a victory if he gets me to take down the tree in time for the Super Bowl!

This meme has been around quite a bit so I won't tag anyone, but if you have not participated before and would like to, consider yourself tagged!


katiez said…
Always fun to read!
I'm the same with Christmas...I'm already trying to decide when to put the tree up.. I do make myself wait until December...barely.
And we've been discussing the cookies....
Deborah Dowd said…
katiez-Glad to hear I am not alone!
Marye said…
LOL! I have 8 children and I have heard all of the comments..I so undestand. :)
Enjoy your carne asada
BC said…
One of my very best friends has seven children and that family is fun!
OhioMom said…
When the children were young, my tree went up the day after Thanksgiving, then I put if off till December 1st.

Now it is just DH and I in a tiny apartment that leaves little space for a tree ... I miss the hustle and bustle of those days :)
Deborah Dowd said…
Marye-It is amazing that we are so politically correct about race and sexuality and yet people go way over the line when they see someone with more than 4 children!

BC- We now only have three at home and I really misss the noise and chaos when they were younger!

Ohio Mom- Our nest is emptying, and we're in the never never land between young children of our own and having grandchildren, so I know what you mean!
s'kat said…
I can't believe anyone would have the termerity to question you like that. Also, isn't it illegal to ask something like that at a job interview?! The nerve.

You delivered a baby! Talk about an unforgettable experience.
Lubyvitcher said…
Did you end up sending them a package too or did I miss that in the entry?
Deborah Dowd said…
Shelley- I guess its no worse than asking childless couples when they are having a baby!

Lubyvitcher- I posted about what they sent me- Kristen should post about the package that I sent her family!