Hampton Roads-- Where's the Beef?

If you live within driving distance of Williamsburg,VA and you have a great recipe using Certified Angus Beef, have I got a contest for you! In conjunction with the Michelob ULTRA Open, The Junior League and Certified Angus Beef brand is sponsoring a recipe contest with the prize of $50 worth of Certified Angus Beef each month for a year. How do I know about this opportunity? I have been asked to be part of a panel of judges headed by Certified Angus Beef corporate chef Scott Popovic, who will prepare the winning recipe at a luncheon at the Kingsmill resort!

So when I got the invitation, I did a little research about Certified Angus Beef and I learned a lot. While I know the basics about beef, how it is graded and what to look for in a good piece of beef, I really didn't know what was special about Certified Angus Beef. Particularly today, when consumers are looking for meat that is not only delicious but healthy, I was pleased to find out that Certified Angus Beef offers a line of Natural beef . They use a "never, never, never" (clever, huh?) policy, where animals are never given hormones other growth enhancers, never given antibiotics, and never given anything other than natural foods and forage. You can check out their site for more information, and some great recipes. And if you are in the Hampton Roads area or its surrounds, check out the contest rules at http://www.dailypress.com/features/dp-%20now_beefcontestmar14,0,1009724.storyand brush off your best beef recipes. Who knows? Maybe I will get to taste one of your recipes!


C'tina said…
How cool!! That reminded me, I just read that Bobby Flay was just in town (Chesapeake, VA) at Wood Chick's BBQ http://www.woodchicksbbq.com/ for a "Throwdown" episode. I think it will air in a couple months.
s'kat said…
How cool, I just saw a promo for this, and have sent it to Dave, the best meat-cooker I know!
Deborah Dowd said…
C'tina- I heard about that too!

Shelley- I hope to taste a dish from Dave! Think of all the fun practicing/creating in that fabulous new kitchen!