That little something unexpected...

I have to admit that I am always intrigued when I see a recipe that has an unusual and unexpected ingredient- root beer or Dr. Pepper in barbecue sauce, mayonnaise in chocolate cake, Heidi's recipe that mated black beans and brownies, Mexican hot chocolate with chili- there's something that attracts me to these recipes. So when I saw a recipe for apple turnovers made with Mountain Dew I had to try it!

You can hardly call this a recipe since it uses prepackaged crescent roll dough (horrors!), a Granny Smith Apple or two, sugar, butter, and, of all things Mountain Dew. I was highly suspicious since I am not a big fan of tubes of crescent dough, but the hope for a delicious and easy apple turnover was enough to spur me on. I have to say, these are a great easy dessert. I had them with ice cream for dinner guests and they devoured seconds, and they were totally taken aback when I told them how they were made. So try these yourself (just what you need, another guilty pleasure, right?)

Now, it's your turn- let me hear some of your favorite recipes or dishes that have that little something unexpected. Everybody has one- now it's time to share!

Dew-Licious Apple Turnovers

2 Granny Smith apples ( I didn't peel mine, just cut in thin slices)

2 cans crescent rolls, separated

1 1/2 sticks butter

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 teaspoons vanilla


1 1/2 cups Mountain Dew

Core and slice apples. Cut apples into 8 slices each. Roll 2-3 thin slices in a crescent roll(put apples in thick side and wrap). Place in a 9 x 13 buttered pan. Melt butter, then add sugar and and vanilla, stirring, and pour over apples. Pour Mountain Dew around the edges of the pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon, cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Remove foil and bake another 15-20 minutes until turnovers are golden and syrup is thick and bubbly. Serve with ice cream, and with some of the sauce from the pan over the top.


In college, I was completely addicted to Mtn Dew, so this recipe will help me to relive my past! ;)
katiez said…
What a bizarre recipe...I love it!
I was hooked on Dew at one point in my life... Haven't had any in years...
I have made the mayo cake and put chocolate in my coq au vin...
But I think this tops them. They look delicious!
Deborah Dowd said…
Passionate Eater-Give it a try- it is really good, and a real surprise!

Katiez-I have not tried chocolate in coq au vin, so you have me beat!
C'tina said…
Lemon Crostata with Plums and Goat Cheese
Created by Gale Gand
(The plums and goat cheese are perfect together)
Deanna S. said…
Wow these look so incredible and fun! Unfortunately I'm trying hard to lose weight, so I can't add it to my recipe file...darn!

Thank you for commenting on my blog too...I am totally new to this blogging thing, so when I see someone from across the country commenting, I'm curious to know how you found me?

I need to think more about a recipe that has something "unexpected". What an interesting question...nice blog you have there!
kristen said…
My husband is a die hard mountain dew drinker...but not a fan of apple desserts (i know, what a weirdo) Maybe if i told him it had his favorite drink he would eat it! Looks yummy though, I would definitely eat it!
Deborah Dowd said…
C'tina-This is really an intriguing combination.

Deanna-I know what you mean about the diet- when I made these I actually used diet Mountain Dew because that is what I had!

Kristen- You should give it a try- maybe your husband will like it, and I am sure you and Ally would!
Bistro 613 said…
Bacon + basil = true bliss!

This certainly reminds me of a new spin on the cola cake!
Erin said…
I also love an unexpected ingredient in a recipe, but have always shied away from using sodas in cooking. I'm trying to cut them out of my diet period (one of my view lapses in an otherwise omnivorous life). Glad to hear these turned out well.
Deborah Dowd said…
Bistro 613- I never would have thought that basil and bacon would go together, but now I am intrigued.

Erin- I used diet Mt. Dew when I made these and they turned out great!
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Anonymous said… it's a trend that's stormed the country!
Linda said…
i LOVE apple pastries of any kind. can't wait to give this recipe a try. love your picture. i cant imagine eating this with anything other than vanilla ice cream!
Kevin said…
Mountain Dew in an apple turnover does sound interesting! I have been wanting to try a cake recipe that I saw a while ago that calls for Guinness which sounds pretty interesting.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE Mountain Dew, and any dessert that incorporates it is happening in my near future. Awesome!
Anonymous said…
WOW what a great treat..I and my rescue doggy go to advance training every Monday. When one of the dogs have a birthday the owner usually brings dogie treats as well as human treat. Well let me tell you I can home to google the recipe..Oh so good...again Thanks Michele for this delight..
I like Mountain Dew. This is good recipe for me to make dessert. Thanks a lot.
Here is some Apple recipes:
saffron said…
Yum, another unique recipe to try, thanks for sharing!