Friday, May 16, 2008

Fitness and an injuwii

I could not resist entering a contest over at CityMama, who is giving away the red-hot Wii Fit based on an embarrassing fitness story. Okay, I am fifty-something, have had 6 kids (2 of whom are teenagers), been pregnant 8 times, been married almost 33 years (to the same man), am post-menopausal...let's get real, I am an embarrassing fitness story. However,that sounds more pathetic than funny so I am sharing a hilarious fitness story that I was part of. So here it is (make sure you go to the bathroom before you read this!).

Several years ago in our office, we had a young administrator, Carl. Carl was obsessed with his looks, working out, worrying about the slightest appearance of crow's feet, though he was a very nice-looking and very fit young man. In an office of predominantly women, most of whom were married and had kids, we lived vicariously through Carl's adventures as a single guy. He took to working out at a fitness center near the Lab during lunch. One day he came back from his lunchtime workout late and obviously flustered. When we asked him if something was wrong,he recounted that something terrible had happened to him at the gym. He said when he was finished on the treadmill, he had gotten off and moved onto the next piece of equipment. As he headed into the showers, he heard a lot of commotion, and ran to the equipment room to see someone sprawled on the side of the treadmill he had gotten off of, and the guy was explaining that someone had left the treadmill on and when he tried to get on, it knocked him down. Carl realized that he was the one who had left the treadmill running, and was horrified that he might have contributed to someone getting hurt. We asked if he knew who it was and he said the guy looked familiar, but he couldn't place him.

A couple of days later, our PR manager was meeting with a marketing consultant we had been working with. I was sitting in my office, and Carl came in a panic asking if he could stay there. I wasn't sure what he was so upset about so I walked out into the hallway. There was our PR manager coming down the hall with the consultant...his eyes were both blackened and he had a splint on his nose. I went up, saying, "Oh my God, what in the world happened?"He answered, "Some idiot left the treadmill on at the gym and I stepped onto it and fell and broke my nose!"

We have probably burned more calories in our office laughing about this story than Carl did in his original workout and needless to say Carl never lived this down!


Bistro 613 said...

I can't even begin to imagine how mortified he must have been!!

BTW, my library has just purchased a Wii system to be used for Teen sessions, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind a parent joining in. It is may-juh fun!

BTW, I'm on my way to the Yorktown Farmer's Market, perhaps I'll see you there!

NĂºria said...

He, he, he! That was fun and it shows all of us that sport is not as healthy as we tend to think ;-)

Sharon said...

I'm very accident prone so something like this would totally happen to me. Poor Carl!

Deborah Dowd said...

Bistro 613- Is that the Main Street Library? My kids got a Wii for Christmas,and I think I have played as much as they have (until they got Guitar Hero!) I'll have to check out the Yorktown market, I have never been there!

Nuria- It certainly wasn't healthy for the consultant!

Sharon-Seriously, Carl has not worked with us for almost 10 years and we all still remember this story!

lizriz said...

Great story!

Those treadmills are dangerous, apparently. It does *seem* to make sense that you could jump hop right on, though, doesn't it?

I mean, *if* you saw it was running.