Food for fighting a migraine?!

A weird shift of weather has brought several in our family to our knees with migraines for the holiday weekend. If you have migraines or know someone who has them, you know they can be extremely debilitating, and they are hereditary. Every one of my children inherited these from me and while there are new medications to treat and avoid migraines, usually insurance limits the numbers of pills you can have so if you run out of pills before you run out of low pressure systems in a month... well, you are out of luck.

There are certain things that seem to help migraines- one is iced coffee, heavy on the caffeine. There was a coffee shop nearby that had a drink they called a migraine special with double shots of espresso. Another thing that I seem to crave when I have a headache is something hot or spicy. Sushi with wasabi (or anything with wasabi, for that matter), or, as I am cooking tonight, Fricken' Chicken, a recipe that I have posted before and a family favorite. Also a real fountain Coke (not diet!) seems to help the nausea that often comes with migraines.

Some migraine sufferers' headaches are triggered by foods such as chocolate, red wine, or aged cheeses, however, mine are usually triggered by sleep changes (either more or less), barometric pressure changes, and bright light, and either I amso sick I can't thinkof food,or I go searching for something that will provide some relief (or at least diversion!) Are there any foods or things you crave when you are not feeling well?


BaL said…
I didn't know that coffe is good for migraine. I sometimes suffer from unpleasant migraine aches -not so hard all the time. Next time I'll try those tips.

Thanks for sharing :)