My New Favorite Salad

Working crazy hours, and following the South Beach diet has taken a toll on my blog posting,and my visits to other blogs, but I have come up for air and wanted to share my progress and a great recipe.

We have really been trying to stretch and be more innovative within the confines of our diet, but I have to admit that I have taken some license. while Phase I of the SBD calls for the use of low fat cheese, I am not a big believer and since cholesterol is not a concern for either my husband or myself, I am incorporating real cheese. To me it is better to control the amount of cheese and have something that tastes really good, and despite our consumption of the real cheese, we continue to lose. As we moved to the Phase II, we could add back some fruits, and I have to admit we have gone a bit berry-crazy. Our local Harris Teeter has recently had a berry sale that allowed us to indulge my love of raspberries and blueberries even within the rising prices of food. What have we been eating? Steak, chicken and fish are our protein staples, with a smattering of white and black beans, lots of greens- in salads and cooked, roasted asparagus, smashed cauliflower, shrimp salad in avocado boats. Instead of pasta or potatoes we have used zucchini ribbons to create a veggie, pasta-free lasagna that tasted delicious.

Now anyone on a diet can tell you that after awhile, you can really get tired of green salad in all its incarnations, and so I am always looking for something new and different. With the addition of berries to our diet, I came up with a quick and simple and really delicious that is a great salad, but could also serve as a decadent dessert that is both delicious and compliant. Whether you are on a diet or not, give it a try, it is a great way to use berries that are so plentiful in the summer.

Decadent Berry and Goat Cheese Salad

2 pints berries (strawberries, raspberries , blueberries or blackberries work great), rinsed and tossed together

2 tablespoons good balsamic vinegar (I use Kirkland brand)

1 thin slice of plain goat cheese per serving

Toss vinegar with berries. Put goat cheese in a small bowl and ladle berries over. Enjoy!


Tom Aarons said…
This looks really simple and really delicious. Yum!
I agree with Tom, what a refreshing and healthy salad. Thanks for the idea, I am off to buy some goat cheese and balsamic vinegar!
Deborah Dowd said…
Tom- You will really enjoy it!

Passionate Eater- The creamy goat cheese, the sweet-tart berries, and the balsamic make this a festival of flavors!
Cynthia said…
Deborah thanks for the continued updates and tips. Continued success!
Bistro 613 said…
Simplicity at its best! During these hot summer evenings, there are few things better than fresh seasonal produce paired with local goat cheese. Yum!
katiez said…
I totally agree with you about the low-fat thing. I would much rather eat a smaller portion of the real thing. I really don't eating the artificially-lowered whatever foods!
As to the berries.... YUM is right!!
Deborah Dowd said…
Cynthia- I still sticking with it!Thanks for the encouraging words!

Bistro 613- It is good to have something that seems so decadent!

Katiez- So far it is working for me!