Pick a Country, Any Country!

Our little parade of nations is making its way around the world as the Olympics begin to wind down. We still have a few nations in the queue - Italy, Japan, Germany - but we have several days still to fill so I am asking, you, readers and lurkers alike to suggest a country or even a recipe that we can include.Remember, we cannot make anything heavy in carbs (unless they are complex), and you can check the list (or the picture of the bouquet of nations we have on our table) to see what countries we have already done. Can't wait to see your suggestions!!

Countries already featured: Greece, China, US, France, Spain, Korea, Thailand, Great Britain, Sweden, Mexico


Glenna said…
Okay, I'll play. I have two African nations to nominate: Egypt and Ghana. Egypt because if I could go anywhere in the world it would be there. Ghana because of two things. Years (decades really) ago I had a couple of college classes with the sweetest young man from Ghana and until I met him I'd known it was a country but I couldn't even tell you it was in West Africa. Plus, I find it interesting as a movie buff that when Shirley Temple grew up she was a beloved Ambassador to Ghana for years, not sure how long, but it was many many years.

So how's that for a challenge?
Deborah Dowd said…
Glenna- That is a challenge! Now I have to find something to cook from there! I will keep you posted!
What about Australia! BBQ prawns or steak with pepper crust and salad fits in perfectly with your no carbs requirements! A bit of swimming afterwards and you'll be really Oz :)