VOTE- Not just this election, but every election

I am just back from the polls, where at 6:30 AM we waited about 20 minutes. Seeing the incredible crowds of friends and neighbors, I wondered where many of them have been in the many smaller elections that affect their lives everyday. It is great that this election has energized people who normally don't vote, but I hope this enthusiasm will get people to educate and involve themselves in the political process on a regular basis, not just 2008. After all, men and women for generations have fought to allow us this freedom,and we owe it to ourselves, our children and our country to exercise that right. So whether you support Obama or John McCain, when you vote today, make yourself a pledge to vote every time you have the opportunity, and to carry your enthusiasm past November and past January to every first Tuesday in November!

Note: I will be posting later on my Election Night dinner party.


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