Here comes the Sun!!! Countdown to the Beach!!

After driving to Corolla three times, talking with four different realty companies and taking about 50 pictures and even video on my husband's new Flip video camera, we are quickly approaching our days in the sun (a pun, since the house we finally selected is managed by Sun Realty, an established firm in the Outer Banks that both rents and sells homes. This will be our first stay both with Sun Realty, and in Whalehead, a community in Corolla, so I will keep you posted about all the food, fun, friends and family that we can cram into our beach week!

If you are interested in vacationing in the Outer Banks (or likely almost any resort area), my advice is to check out reviews or references by others who have rented, and to talk to more than one rental company. The economy has resulted in fewer leases and owners would rather fill their house at a discounted rate rather than having it set empty. In fact some companies are even offering partial week rentals, something virtually unheard of during the "in" or peak season. Also if you live near the area of your rental, select a few you are interested in looking at and take a day to go down and see the property firsthand. Pictures often don't convey either the plusses or minuses of a house accurately. In our case we turned down a great rental deal right across the street from ocean access because there was a house built right in front, completely blocking the view! The house we went with is positioned on its lot to offer a great view from the decks and a straight shot to the beach- a winner for us!

I am feverishly making menus, planning what we have to carry, and what we want to get there... in addition to my regular job and writing a major proposal, so if you have any great suggestions for "beach food" (or drinks) that is simple and delicious, send them quick!


Hi Deborah! I wish could plan a trip there, but not this year. It's a great place though.
Sounds like a fun trip! Have a great time!
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Deborah Dowd said…
Susan- It is really a relaxing place- still has its non-commercial areas.

JennDZ- Fun is where my family is!

Food& Beverage- Thanks for the info!

Blogcewek - Thanks for stopping by!

Fat Bastard - Gotta love someone with a foodblog named Fat Bastard!
Trine Cooper said…
Hello... Deborah
I’ve always wanted to go out of the country and have my vacation there unfortunately time and money is my problem. But right now since I’ve already have my own online business, money is not a problem anymore. I can travel to almost anywhere in the world right now. I can’t wait to read the blog and learn more about the beach details. I read your blog beach food or drinks that is simple and delicious. I am so surprised when i went to beach. I have enjoyed sunset and your blog. I think it is really a relaxing place. I though it's a great beach. Thanks for a lovely share.
Deborah Dowd said…
Trine- The Outer Banks are a lovely place to relax with family, and I hope my posts do it justice!