G.R.I.L.L.- the Other Clunkers Program

Maybe you have traded in your gas-guzzling clunker for a more fuel efficient model or maybe you are sick of government give-aways. Either way, there is a new clunker program that won't raise your taxes or increase the deficit sponsored by Laura's Lean Beef. I only recently heard of this company that produces hormone-free, humanely-raised beef, but have been really impressed with their commitment to sustainable farming.

Their Grill Replacement Initiative from Laura's Lean (G.R.I.L.L.) invites
website visitors, Facebook fans and Twitter followers to submit pictures and descriptions of their rusty, old, last-gasp grills for a chance to win brand new, stainless-steel, propane-powered replacements. Over three weeks, August 19 through September 8, LLB will be giving away three new grills. Contest details are available at www.laurasleanbeef.com/grill, and while you are there, you can check out tips and recipes that will make the most of your food dollar. If you want to see the competition, look at LLB's Facebook site where they will be posting the entries. It might even inspire you to use that broken down grill!
The contest made me think about what you need to have to make a good grill- is it charcoal, is it gas? Do you need a rotisserie or a side burner? What about smokers- do you need one of those too? What would your dream grill be?

Get those spider nests out of your grill and send Laura your pictures-maybe she will make your dreams come true!!


Lone Acorn said…
May be someone could tell what makes a good grill. May be a handful of tips :)
NLC said…
I've just gotta say, there's no such thing as hormone-free meat of any type. Hell, there aren't even any hormone-free vegetables. Plants and animals naturally produce hormones as part of their biological processes, and those hormones are present in the tissues we harvest from them. It would be more accurate to say Larua's Lean promotes naturally raised beef, or beef that is free of synthetic hormones. To call it hormone-free is, well, incredibly wrong, and furthers misconceptions about our food.
Deborah Dowd said…
Lone Acorn- Great idea for a future post! Thanks for stopping by!

NLC- I definitely stand corrected! You are absolutely right- all meat contains hormones, but Laura's is free of synthetic hormones. Thanks for keeping me straight!