Any Ideas for Glee Food?

My family and I are addicted to the new musical show Glee on Fox. It is so different from everything else onTV, and of course, I want to make a food event around it. I mean if people can have Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy-themed dinners, I can have a Glee-inspired tapas. But what to serve? Classic favorites from the cafeteria-meatloaf, mac and cheese, corndogs, etc.? What about having food made with beans?  They are, after all, the musical fruit. Dishes inspired by songs or singers  whose songs have been performed on the series?  You see my dilemma!

So I am taking suggestions-how would you celebrate the fun, the music that is Glee, in food?


Well, I can't offer suggestions since I have never seen the show (or heard of it). But thanks for the head's up. I'll have to check it out.
Deborah Dowd said…
Susan- You should check it out- it is a family favorite in our house- and if you have some inspiration for the Glee menu- I'd love to hear your ideas!
Laura said…
What a cute idea! I think you should go with a "mash up" concept since they are featured so often on the show... the combination of two songs blended into one smooth tune. You might want to go easy on the dairy as those singers do not do well with dairy before they perform! :)
Deborah Dowd said…
Laura- What a great idea!!! We are already thinking of some mash-up ideas- thanks and keep checking back to see how it turns out!
Vacuum Queen said…
What?! I love that I've found your blog! I SO love GLEE and I do the whole theme dinners too. Crazy. Oscar parties with best movie themed dishes...stuff like that.

I do think a mix of two kindof unrelated foods to make a mash up would be fun. Maybe with one common ingredient. That's about all I can think of right now. But good idea! I'll be thinking about it too.
Anonymous said…
I suggest that you have the pasta that Rachel got spilled on her in "Wheels," slushies like the ones they get hit with, and of course those vanilla cupcakes with messy red icing from the bake sale!
Tate said…
We are doing a Glee themed party for my daughter and I had hoped to get more ideas from your blog but let me add a few of my own. Besides the obvious slushees and cupcakes, we are going to do bag lunches of PB and J sandwiches with the crusts cut off, green grapes polished with plastic gloved hands and isn't Will seen a couple of times eating chocolate chip cookies? Also I think Terri makes Will 'Chicken Pot Pie' from scratch.
Deborah Dowd said…
Vacuum Queen- I love the mash up idea!

Anonymous - Slushies are definitely going to be part of the menu- maybe a grown-up version with some horsepower?!

Tate- You are right about the chicken pot pie,or we could do Rachel's venison stew!!
jim said…
We're doing the same for tonight's Neil Patrick Harris episode. I'm working on this:

Bow Tie Pasta seems "suit"-able for his "How I Met Your Mother" character

I like the idea of the Mashed Potato Mash Up

Mullet Wine? (He has a mullet in one scene)

I'm obviously blanking out and still trying to maintain my coolness after bringing Matt-a-Damion Nut Cookies to our Oscar Party.
Deborah Dowd said…
Jim- Those are some great ideas!!! Let me know how it turns out.
Anonymous said…
I think maybe those star shaped cookies that Rachel made for Will in the Acefellas episode!
Anonymous said…
well my friend is throwing a similar party but with food that involve the characters names like Berry Parfait's, Puck Poppers, Arti-choke and spinach dip, Shue-string fries well you get the point. I hope my ideas have inspired you.
Anonymous said…
When I hosted a Glee party I had some ho-ho cause they look like hockey pucks for "Puck" and Cheerios bars which are like rice krispie treats but made with Cheerios
AM~Erica said…
Check out my blog posts for GLEE! I've made a couple of menu ideas for just this!

look under "menu" in the search field!

Have fun!!
AM~Erica said…
Oh! And if you want to beef up your slushies...just add a splash of Jack Daniels! LOL

I have just posted my final menu selections for my party:

Hope it helps! Have a great time!
Cassie said…
You of course can't forget to make the slushies (I heard you just take crushed ice and mix it with a pack of Kool Aid) and Tater Tots!
Also, berry pies are always suitable, and considering that half the Glee Club is consisted of Football players and Cheerios, Superbowl snacks are good. :)
I've even seen some people just lay out a bowl of Cheerios.
Grilled Cheese would be a good one (and if you're lucky, it'll be a grilled cheesus!)
And since Mike and Tina are dating (and Mike is always saying things like "Asian couples therapy") some Asians snacks like fortune cookies or egg/spring roles would be cute. You could also make guitar cookies and I loved the idea of the star cookies that Rachel made for Will.
Hope that helped! :D
ajunebuga said…
I had a gLee party last year for my birthday we had the following....

- star shaped cookies with gold star sprinkles
- 'Rachel (swedish) Berry's'
- SlOshies (adult slushies, ie strawberry daquries....also good because 'it tastes like pink')
- chastity ring (pops)
- grilled cheesus (legit i found a press that puts the face of jesus on your toast)
- cheerio mix (bits and bites
- tater tots
- wine coolers

it was badass
Anonymous said…
The official Glee website has not only reicipes for each character, but also another for each cast member themselves. I guess we are supposed to believe that the cast ones are their actual reicipes. Anyway, hope that helps! Besides taking food directly out of the show, it doesn't get much more official than that !