Cooking Gifts for the Thrifty- $25 and Under

This is a tough year for so many people with the economy doing poorly, and everyone is looking for ways to get gifts on a budget. So whether you are a young couple doing Christmas on a budget, a child trying to find something that you can buy with babysitting or paper route money,or  just trying to stuff a stocking, here are my suggestions for some great cooking and kitchen-related gifts that won't break the bank.

Kitchen Aid Sheartoku - $9.99 at Target (I actually bought some tonight on clearance at $4.98 a pair) - My daughter bought me a pair of these last year for Christmas and they are the most-used utensil in my drawer. They are equally comfortable cutting boneless chicken thighs into tenders or cutting through joints of chicken wings or cutting up herbs.The bonus? The two pieces come apart and yield a Santoku knife that can hold its own in the kitchen! You will wonder how you got along without it!

Flexible Cutting Boards - $9.95 for set of five at With these cutting boards you never have to worry about cross-contamination since you can use a different cutting board for every job and they can store about anywhere. These are dishwasher-safe, and you will use these every day! Actually now that I think about it I could use some more (hint, hint!)

Utensil Crock - $9.95 at Bed Bath and Beyond - One of these sits beside my stove full of whisks, slotted spoons, spatulas and the like. I saw this used at one of the beach houses we visited, and it was so convenient to have those tools right at my fingertips that as soon as we got back, I went out and got one. It will help undo the clutter in your utensil drawer, and make grabbing that ladle or whisk an easy task!

Pot Clip Spoon Rest - $6.95 at - I don't have these yet but they are on my Christmas list,because they hold your spoon on the side of a pot and since they are made with silicon,there is no heat transfer or grabbing a hot utensil...and the drips fall right into the pot!

How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman- $17.96 at Barnes and Noble -  This is a great book, particularly for new cooks but there are new recipes for even experienced cooks, Bittman is a real master.  He even has a Quick and Easy Recipe book that is about $15.00 at B&N as well. Everything I have made from this book has been amazing.

Rubbermaid 2-Step Folding Step Stool - $25.94 at - This is another thing that is on my list this year. I saw one at a store that sells things for campers,and was really impressed, and at 5'1" this would be a helpful tool in my kitchen to reach things without straining.  This stool can hold up to 300 lbs and has skid resistant feet and steps for safety.

Do you have some suggestions for inexpensive gifts you would like to share? Let me know if there are products you know have in your own kitchen that would make an economical gift for those out there trying to stir up a great Christmas with a side of economy!!!


FoodTherapy4Me said…
The Oxo Good Grips Locking Tongs are also a great inexpensive option! I LOVE mine...for me these are the most used tool and I buy them for friends just starting out in the kitchen. Thanks to your idea, I'm headed out today for the Kitchen Aid Sheartoku!
veron said…
thanks for this list. I haven't done my Holiday shopping yet!