Going backwards- Model shoot # 1 in DC

Freelance work and a reorg that gave me more responsibility at work has made my life really hectic, and I am trying to catch up and catch all of you up on the family and food events that have been going on. I just posted about a great food and family experience as we took Bridget to an editorial model shoot at PR at Partners in DC, but this was actually the second model shoot for the Dowd girls in just over a month, and since both involved food, I think I should bring you up to date on Molly's model shoot (her before shot with her brother, left) and our food experiences in Shirlington, near DC.

We drove up to DC a little over a month ago , because my son Gavin wanted to use his younger sister Molly for a photo shoot. He is a stylist in training at the PR@Partners at Metro Center and this was a contest for new stylists. We drove to Shirlington, where he lives and had to go shopping for a dress and shoes(a whole other story) before we could get dinner, but finally we were done and since everyone was a bit exhausted, we decided to get food in Shirlington, which is a lovely community with tons of restaurants of all descriptions in walking distance. My son, who has great food as well as fashion taste suggested that we get take-out from T.H.A.I. Shirlington restaurant so we could relax at his place and eat since we were going to have a big day the next day.

We ordered based on my son's recommendations, pad thai, drunken noodles, and beef kapow delight , a spicy dish for my husband. It was a quick walk to T.H.A.I., which looked very posh and warm (I definitely would love to go and eat in when we have more time!), and the smells emanating from our bag made us nearly sprint back to the apartment. I wish I had pictures of the food, but it went so quickly! We each had a little taste of everything, and the food was amazing. I am a pad thai addict, and T.H.A.I.'s were just the right mix of savory, spicy, with just a touch of acid. The drunken noodles were a new dish to me though it was one of my daughter Bridget's favorites, and we were all fighting for the last delicious bites. The beef dish was a hot and spicy counterpoint, and the beef was tender- just what my husband was hoping for. T.H.A.I. Shirlington takes take out to a new level, and thai is a great alternative to Chinese take-out!

The next day we hit the Shirlington Best Buns. What a treat! The smells alone made me gain weight. My husband and I got a coffee and one of their amazing pastries and picked a variety of scones, muffins and breads to take back to the sleepyheads still struggling to wake up. After some of the best breakfast breads and pastries I have had, we each went our ways- Gavin and Bridget went sightseeing and shopping while Young Gavin, Molly and I headed to Tenleytown for Molly to be colored, styled, made up and finally photographed. It was an amazing transformation from a 14 year old whose clothing of choice are any flannel pj pants to a cover worthy model.


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