Travelling to Heaven in the OBX

To get to A Perfect Escape, required planning, shopping packing, and of course, driving. Since we were staying for two weeks at the beach, and since for part of that time we were having lots of people and some with special dietary likes and dislikes, we did a lot of planning for meals. We wanted to have good food,but not include things that took a great deal of preparation, after all, it is a vacation! We decided to take two cars to avoid using our luggage carrier, packed up (always an ordeal), gassed up and hit the road.

We left really early to try to get ahead of traffic- a strategy that has served us well. Since check-in time is usually 4 o'clock, the later you wait in the day the longer your wait to get to your destination, and we couldn't wait to start our stay. If you are headed to a destination like the Outer Banks, even if you can't check in, it is best to be there before noon. You can always kill time at shops, and many rental companies will allow you to park your car at the home and go to the beach even before check in. Or follow our lead and negotiate an early check-in to beat the rush.

Between our house and the OBX are two required stops, both related to food. The first is a store my husband calls the world's best store - The Border Station- a combination restaurant-convenience store-souvenir shop that straddles the state line between Virginia and North Carolina. For years we thought he was exaggerating and we would sit in the car, until once, seeking a restroom the girls and I went inside, and what a surprise! They had a little restaurant making fresh foods all day long, beach and North Carolina goods including some made locally made goods. And this is where we found the "world's greatest fries". You know those fries you had as a kid- crispy on the outside and tender on the inside? These are the Border Station's fries- a real trip down memory lane. You can see on the left, Bridget preparing to enter Nirvana, and to the right the reason for our excitement (and weight gain!) If you get a chance try these fries, and from the looks of the lines they make an awesome homestyle breakfast as well!

Our second food-related stop was a bit healthier. One of my favorite parts of the trip to Corolla is passing the many fruit and vegetable stands that crop up during prime season.

There are several some small and some larger, advertising watermelons, peaches and corn all along the way, but our favorite is the Morris Farm Market is a huge market with all manner of produce, freshly made bread and baked goods, fruit ciders, and condiments. Morris is very busy on the weekends, with travelers stocking up for their beach stay and those coming back trying to take the tastes o the beach with them. Since they also have the cleanest restrooms, they are a popular stop, but well worth braving the crowds.

The best way to cap a great road trip was getting to a fabulous destination. We arrived at our Perfect Escape, and settled in, unpacking and getting organized for the week and then explored the beach to get started on a vacation to remember!!!


Angie's Recipes said…
A perfect Fries Breakfast? wow...lucky that my husband didn't get a chance to read this...or he would have another reason to require more fries. LOL

Wish you a lovely weekend!
Cajun Chef Ryan said…
We absolutely love the Outer Banks, and just returned from a 5-day trip to Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island a few weeks ago. We have been up as far as Kill Devil Hills but still need to make it to Corolla.

Thanks for the great travelogue on the OBX!

Bon appetit!
Kristen said…
I love stopping at farmers markets on vacations. Every place has their own local treasures. It looks like a great vacation.
Deborah Dowd said…
Angies Recipes- I know it it not healthy, but you only go on vacation so often!

Cajun Chef Ryan - It is our vacation destination of choice. We have yet to head to Hatteras, but my daughter has camped there. I will be posting at least once more on some other food and food destinations so stay tuned!

Kristen- You are so right! These markets are local treasures!