I Want You... to Vote for Me!!!

Today is the day that voting opens in Project Foodbuzz's Project Food Blog, and while I have no campaign manager or multimedia campaigns I am asking for your vote (assuming you are a Featured Publisher on Foodbuzz, of course). With so many talented bloggers competing, why do I deserve your vote? Here are some reasons:

1) I am not a professional chef, or a professional writer, or a professional photographer. I am a working mom who juggles work, family, and food blogging just like many of you. I started my blog to preserve my family's food traditions and to encourage others to do the same.

2) I share not just recipes or food porn (my photos can rarely be described that way) but myself. At Play with Food, every recipe has a story, and I think it is just as important to capture the stories as the ingredients. (See this post on the greatest chicken salad I will never make again)

3) I am adventurous- not only with the dishes I try, but with my blog. I have used photos, have participated in Foodbuzz's 24x24 by sharing camp cooking.
I have even used video in my posts (See Bridget flipping crepes in our Julie and Julia challenge,
and our out-takes from our pizza Iron Chef!

4) My blog is listed on the Epicurious Editor's Food Blogs We Like- I think they were fascinated that I worked in the world of quarks and gluons at a nuclear physics lab and moved easily from that to the kitchen counter!

5) Lastly, I have inspired all of my children to love cooking and good food, and if I can influence them, I think I can reach just about anyone!

So if you are a Featured Publisher, I am asking for your vote. If you are not a featured publisher, please stop by my cyber kitchen table, check out my recipes and the stories behind them, and leave me a comment- I love hearing from you!


You have my vote!! Great post and good luck.
lisaiscooking said…
Good luck! Can't wait to follow along with all the challenges.
Anne said…
VOTED! Good luck, sweets!
Deborah Dowd said…
Ed- Thanks so much, and I hope you will be regular visitor!

Lisaiscooking- Thanks for the kind words- I am having so much fun getting to know new bloggers!

Anne- Thanks so much and many blessings to you and your lovely family!

Jenn- Thanks so much! Means a lot from a foodblogging icon!