Time to vote in Challenge 2... and the rest of the story!

Thanks to your support of Play with Food, I made it to Challenge 2 and voting opens today to advance only 200 bloggers to the next level. Please check out my post featuring two dishes outside my comfort zone and cast your vote at the Foodbuzz page... and let me tell you here, the rest of the story.

I had been deciding what dishes to make for this challenge, and I thought this would be perfect- I had to travel to DC on business on Thursday, work on Friday and head up to DC again on the weekend for Molly's second model shoot, this time for Sebastian. My plan was to come home Monday and make my dishes and post before the voting started.

However, an accident on the DC Metro escalator (someone rushing up around me and knocking me off my feet) left me with a severely bruised finger that required two of my fingers to be taped together to avoid damage to the joint...and I realized that my post would have to be done before I left for Molly's shoot since the deadline was on Sunday, not Monday!! That meant that besides packing and preparing to go out of town for the weekend, I needed to make my two dishes, and take pictures and type the post with my fingers taped!! It made for a late night, but the up side was that when we got home today, our bobotie and buss up shut was waiting, just perfect for a rainy day!


doggybloggy said…
you got my vote and my tweet - good luck!
Chef Dennis said…
hope your fingers are feeling better....DC can be a little rough. In Philly they just pretty much ignore you, no ones in that much of a hurry.
T.R. said…
I've definitely voted, I love some of your food experiments!
Katerina said…
Sorry about your fingers. It must have been very difficult to cook like that. I wish you good luck to the competition!
FOODalogue said…
The show must go on! :)
Good luck in the challenge.
Pegasuslegend said…
wishing you all the best!
Deborah Dowd said…
doggybloggy- Thanks for the support!

Chef Dennis - I guess all those 20-somethings in the political world are in a rush!

T.R.- Thanks for your support and Ihope you'll be a regular visitor.

Katerina- It was a challeneg, but I guess no worse than cooking with a baby on your hip, which I have also done!

Foodalogue- You are so right- as a mom that is the case contest or no!

Pegasus Legend - Thanks for your good thoughts!