If at first you don't succeed.... My Project Food Blog Journey

Well, my journey with Foodbuzz's Project Food Blog is over- I am not advancing to round 3 of the competition. Besides the thrill of competing against other foodbloggers, what did I gain from competing?  After all, there was the pressure of developing and writing posts on a tight timescale, the time spent planning, preparing, photographing, writing and editing.  And for what?

I became familiar with so many new bloggers whom I hope to continue to follow.  I have read so many posts with different styles, and voices and perspectives.  I learned about new dishes and cuisines and ingredients. I had a great time being primped and posed like America's Next Top Model by my daughters who helped with the concept and the taking of my PFB profile picture.  I enjoyed support from family and friends and readers.

Am I disappointed? Yes of course.  Competing successfully and having your blog assessed by judges whom you respect as worthy is very validating, and as a Type A personality, I keep second guessing, "What could I or should I have done differently?" What can I do to make my blog better?  How can I connect with more readers, increase my appeal?  I will have to experiment, and stretch, and polish.

So now that my time as a competitor is over what will I do?  First I will support my friends who are still competing in PFB !  I will turn my immediate focus on getting ready for my son's wedding on October 16 and the rehearsal dinner that I am hosting at our home. I will make new dishes and work to share the stories that go with them.  I will share with my readers  new restaurants, new ingredients, new experiences and I hope that these shared experiences will make my food and my life richer and full of flavor!


Hi Deborah, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't advance to the next round. I had actually seen and voted for your entry, b/c I love South African food and culture and I love bobotie! But I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the experience and were able to connect with so many great bloggers. I look forward to reading your blog regularly!
FOODalogue said…
I think everybody wins in some form or another from this. As you said, we get to meet new bloggers, perhaps get new readers and, most importantly, I personally have learned something from each challenge. I think I'm going to be a better blogger.

See you around the blogosphere.
doggybloggy said…
I really like your inspirational outlook - you have motivated me in a deep and sincere way.
Megan said…
Hello dear.... no worries about not advancing... you have a lot on your plate with the rehearsal dinner at your house! How fun and how brave! - I tell you... it is a bit of a stress having to compete like this... I don't want this to loose it's fun! I am really excited to hear about what you are planning to cook! - Megan
schutta said…
Mary Gem said…
i like your blog keep it up great work
i like your blog and recipes as they proved very beneficial to me and i decided to comment once again on your blog .Thanks dear.
daphne said…
it's okay honey. .just keep your faith. I know you can do it next time=)
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Cheers - Dora
Seafood Naples said…
hi deborah,this is nice that you learnt from your competition,it will help me in my future compititions, I look forward to reading your blog regularly!
Being in a tight competition sure is tough. I'm pretty sure that you did your best. Just stay positive and keep doing what you love.
Zafran ali said…
I've definitely voted, I love some of your food experiments!
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foodie said…
we love your blog....you're the winner
Credit Union said…
I can really appreciate your optimistic stance. Anytime I can meet someone new, I consider that a win-win!
cooksclub said…
Sounds like not all was lost, sounds like you had a really good time, and put together a solid game plan! Congrats on getting where you got to!
Sophia said…
I just bumped into your site. You blog name made me smile. I love it. Yes, cooking should be fun.

Merry Christmas!
First time here...u have nice space and really inspirational stuff... I'll be back soon.