Cupcake Convert- Georgetown Cupcakes

This is the line of Georegtown Cupcake devotees.
Okay, call me slow, but while cupcakes and cupcake sites have been popping up on the web and in cities like chickweed in my lawn, the whole trend was a bit lost on me. Sure, I like cupcakes and I see the advantage of the automatic portion control inherent in the cupcake, and the opportunity to try 3 or 4 different types of cakes without having to invest in making (or eating)  several whole cakes. I tried to get on the bandwagon when my daughter moved to Shirlington, only a stone's throw from Cakelove, but the magic of the cupcake just eluded me.

I think I dreamed of this place as a child!
But that was before Georgetown Cupcakes.  About a month ago, my son who lives in DC and daughter who was visiting made the trek to Georgetown Cupcakes. Now even if you haven't travelled to DC, you may have seen Georgetown Cupcakes on the TLC program, DC Cupcakes now entering its second season, though I have to admit I had not heard of it until my daughter came with a box in a bag.

I didn't appreciate just how popular Georgetown Cupcakes is until I saw the pictures my daughter took of their time waiting. But when I saw what was inside that box, I know I would've waited too.

 With flavors like Salted Caramel and Chocolate Coconut and Mocha, and Lava Fudge, and Key Lime, and,,,,, okay, you get the picture, I am not sure how they picked, but the cupcakes I had (Salted Carmel and Chocolate Coconut) made me a Georgetown Cupcake convert.  They were delicious, moist, with complexity and richness of flavor beyond their diminutive size.

Well, I know that you are all excited for me that I have finally jumped on the cupcake bandwagon, but it gets better- you can order your own dozen cupcakes either directly from GC or through TLC which airs the DC Cupcake Show.  So if you are looking for something amazing and delicious, and worth every calorie, order your own and experience these bits of heaven for yourself!


Mother Rimmy said…
Cupcakes sure have become popular. The Food Network even has a cupcake challenge!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Deborah Dowd said…
Mother Rimmy- You are so right- I am really late to the party!
harold said…
yeahhh you are absoutely right dear these cupcakes are made fresh several time a day and i just love these and cannot resist eating them
Maggie Cubbler said…
My husband and I were up in DC for business once. We had never heard of Georgetown cupcakes at that point but were in the mood for cupcakes for dessert that night. Upon Googling "cupcakes" we found these guys. Not knowing any better, we just drove over there. When we got there, we saw several people outside but didn't think anything of it--it wasn't a crazy line, just a few people were thought were loitering. So, we just walked right up and started walking in the door. The reaction we got from the 7 people in line you would've thought they saw us kicking a puppy.

We know better now, but how stupid were we?!? :)
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