Greek from Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill to Newport News

Road Trip to DC!
I guess it might be a little strange to review a restaurant that you didn't actually go to, but with two tough reviewers like my husband and daughter who supplied me with both pictures and a sample, I feel pretty safe.  Bridget had to travel to DC for a model shoot for PR@Partners as her brother's model, so my husband drover her up.  In preparation, since he was driving right back the same day, I looked up restaurants where he and Bridget could go for a nice lunch.  I narrowed it down to Spike Mendelsohn's Good Stuff Eatery or Cava Mezze , a well-rated and reviewed Greek  restaurant on Capitol Hill.

In case you don't know, mezze is the Greek version of tapas, small dishes that are perfect as a small meal or pre- or post-theater food.  Once they got to DC,  Gavin had decided that he wanted to try Cava and so after a couple of trips around the block, they found a parking spot and went in.

Gavin enjoying harissa and olives
They were both impressed with the warm, casual atmosphere and the friendly staff. While they were waiting, the waiter brought some warm pita and some appetizers including  olives, hummus and harissa, a spread made of hot peppers, that both Bridget and Gavin loved.

They both ordered the gyro, no surprise since where we live there are not many places to get a real gyro.  When the gyros came, they were much bigger than expected given that Cava is a mezze restaurant.  The lamb was delicious and Gavin loved the tzatziki that is an important part of a gyro.  Both Bridget and Gavin were surprised that the Cava version included french fries!!They both agreed trhat we all have to go to Cava the next time we are in DC, since there were several things on the menu that they wanted to try. The waiter was extremely helpful, wrapping Bridget's half a gyro for the return trip home and providing am little container of harissa and pita for us to try at home.The verdict- If you have a chance to check out Cava Mezze , give it a try, it is a great place for a leisurely meal with friendly helpful staff and good food at a very reasonable price.
Gyro at Cava - Delicious!!!

When Gavin returned the other half a gyro was ready to be reheated and was even great after the trip back to Newport News and gentle heating in the microwave, so I can only imagine how good it was fresh. So check out Cava if you get the chance, it is one of the best restaurants I never ate at!


Cheri Witmer said…
Off your subject...thanks for the nice post on my blog. "Anonymous" didn't have anything nice to say and posted again...Did you get a chance to try it? Hope you liked it if you did :)
Deborah Dowd said…
Cheri, thanks for stopping by.I have not had a chance to try your chickpea soup yst, but in traveling your blog I founds several recipes I want to try!
Eva said…
Sounds nice! I love Greek food, next time I'm in DC I'll have to stop there :)
Brioche said…
Play with food... love your title and post... Looking at the food photos really makes my stomach grumble.
Deborah Dowd said…
Eva- I would highly recommend it- I am definitely going next time we are there!

Brioche- Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will be a frequent visitor!
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Looks tempting. Always wanted to try Greek food!
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