Pinterest Successes from my Kitchen!

In our home, my daughter Molly, a dedicated DIY-er and craft maven was the first Pinterest afficionado, but it didn't take long before our whole family was hooked. It became the go-to place for new ideas, inspiration, and a lot of day-dreaming.  I absolutely love food porn sites like Tastespotting, and my go-to site for finding recipes is still Epicurious or Foodblog Search, but I, like many of you, have been heading to Pinterest increasingly for food inspiration.  I have periodically heard of Pintertest failures, but so far I am batting 1000 for my Pinterest experiments, so I am going to share my secrets for Pinterest success:

This egg in avocado from Gizmodo made for a healthy and popular breakfast!
1) Follow photo back to original source-  I feel a lot more confident if the recipe comes from a food blogger or other reputable source.

2) Read comments -  Some people repin just to comment while others have actually tried the recipe, and that is a great help in decidig whether to take the plunge.

3) Share your experience - if you have tried a recipe, repin or comment so that others can know whether it was a success or not along with any changes/substitutions you may have made.

Bridget's version of this bread was amazing!
4) Give Credit - If you can, credit the original source.  It provides traffic and feedback to the source.Sometimes it will take a few clicks, but nice etiquette for the Pinterest community. 

That said, let me share with you some of my recent Pinterest successes.

Egg in Avocado - This is a healthy and delicious breakfast. If you look this up on Pinterest you can find the basic recipe, but I lightly salted my avocado, used a small egg, and sprinked the top with cheese and it was delicious!!!

Heat+ whole milk+lemon juice= the makings of paneer
Cheesy Bacon Ranch Bread -  Several versions of this showed up, but my daughter Bridget made this one from The Country Cook.  It turned out terrific. We had this as the starch of a meal, and I used the leftovers to make the best salad croutons I have ever had!

A jar of sauce is a low-tech weight to compress my paneer.
Homemade Paneer Cheese - I fell in love with Palak Paneer, and Indian dish of spinach and mild Indian cheese, and was intrigued to see that paneer was easy to make at home, and so I was determined to try it based in this post at Journey Kitchen..Guess what?  It was really easy to make, fun and it was great in my own palak paneer.  I felt like a real foodie, making my own Dowd kitchen artisan paneer.  Give it a try and invite your kids in the kitchen- they will be amazed by the transformation of two simple ingredients into CHEESE!!

I will keep searching Pinterest for great ideas to try, and will let you know how mine turn out.  In the meantime you can follow my pins to see what I am looking at, trying and dreaming about!  See you there!


Hey, Thanks for such wonderful tips of cooking that was really awesome and very helpful. Thanks for such post. Keep posting such useful information.
Gluten Free said…
Great! To be honest I am not at pinterest yet. But after going through your post i can’t wait to create account on it. Looking forward follow you on pinterest
Alluria said…
I will keep searching Pinterest for great ideas to try, and will let you know how mine turn out.
Andrea said…
I too love pinterest and found some lovely recipes from there. yours looks like they turned out great.
addam white said…
So yummy...All the visitors mouth was watering, your blog dis that much looks delicious..and all the women like to appreciate your recipe...keep shearing..

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