Off to New York... and the NFL Draft!!!

I am relying on my readers-  My daughter won the NFL Dream Draft  and she and her dad are headed to NYC to see the NFL draft firsthand and Bridget will announce a draft pick!!  They will be in NYC Thursday-Sunday, and need some good advice for places to eat, and things to do in the Times Square area.  They are looking for a deli meal and a NY pizza and a "nice" meal- suggestions??


TJ said…
Hi, sorry I am a week late on this, but I hope Bridget and her father had a great time in Manhattan, she did a great job at the draft. Hopefully they got a good taste of the city on their adventure but if Bridget would like to make another trip north to be squired about by a local, handsome, available ex-athlete who currently works in banking, I would be more than happy to volunteer my services.

Deborah Dowd said…
TJ- Thanks for your good wishes. Bridget had a wonderful time at the Draft and she and her dad were so impressed by how great everyone was in NYC. And of Course I agree that she did a great job, especially since they asked her to announce additional picks beyond the one that was part of the prize. As for your offer, I leave Bridget's social calendar to her- she is more than capable!