Fish on Friday.... and other Food-Related Traditions

I was out with my husband for a quick romantic lunch (Filet O Fish at McDonald's) and the idea of fish or
This is us on a real date, not McDonald's!
seafood on Friday came up with the manager while we were waiting on our food.  While I know that fish on Friday used to be very prevalent in the Catholic community, it turns out that according to the manager at this McDonald's they do sell significantly more fish on Friday!

We started this as a family tradition and while we usually stick to it, we have been known to use a substitute meatless day. There are many advantages.  Healthwise it is good to increase consumption of fish, and cooking wise, it is a good idea to learn other ways to incorporate proteins without meat.  It requires a little creativity, but that is good in the kitchen, right?

Do any of you have a specific meatless day or any other special food traditions that you follow in your household?  Share... I am interested, and I know others will be too!


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