Food , Luck and New Year's Resolutions!!!

I guess it should be no surprise that food is a big part of the start of our new year as it is central to our day to day lives. Resolutions often involve food as people resolve to "eat healthier", "cut out junk food","eat more fish", "increase fiber" or "eat more fruits and vegetables". Diets and exercise are the most common new year's resolutions as people strive to reduce their waistlines and increase their lifespan.  There are even "lucky" foods to eat for the new year such as collards or other greens that bring wealth, or black eyed peas that bring luck and prosperity.  We credit food for feeling and looking good, and blame food if we gain a pound or feel dragged down.

This year, I want to encourage readers to make a different kind of New Year's resolution- to develop and
maintain a healthy relationship with food.  There is a reason that we have high obesity and record numbers of young people with eating disorders AT THE SAME TIME!!!!  In moderation, there are no "good" or "bad" foods.This attitude can encourage both over eating and restrictive food behaviors, neither of which are healthy. This year, try having a variety of foods, prepare and experiment with new foods and ingredients, make the choosing, preparing and cooking a part of the overall meal experience. Eat your meals in a thoughtful and quiet way without the distractions of computer TV or smartphones so that you can savor the amazing variety of foods that the earth provides. There is a place for ice cream, steak or even french fries in a diverse meal plan that will help you reach a weight that is healthy for you and enhance your relationship with food. Superfoods like berries or greens are great, but a healthy diet includes them, not focuses on them.  There is a reason man is an omnivore - our bodies are meant to take nutrients from a variety of sources. Balance and diversity are as important to our food lives as they are to the rest of our lives, so make them the keystone of your food-related resolutions this year, and for once you may find you have set a resolution you can stick with not just for the new year but for life!!!


Bruno Leroy said…
Awww this is adorable!! I hope your doing well and getting lots of rest!! Sending you and your family lots of love! <3 See this food guides.