"Kitchen Sink" Rice a hit!

I am not sure about you but since the number of people I feed daily has been reduced,  I often have parts of bags of frozen vegetables in my freezer with not enough to feed my crew but too much to simply pitch.  The other day I had the inspiration to use those bits and pieces as part of a quick side dish using, of all things, frozen brown rice.  Normally I turn  my nose up at ready made foods (frozen mashed potatoes are a mystery to me!), but these bags hold just enough for a side for my family and allow me to assuage those who like white and those who prefer brown rice at the same meal.

This particular day,  I had two ears of fresh corn, part of a bag of edamame and part of a bag of frozen spinach.  I began by melting some coconut oil and cutting the corn kernals off the cob.  I sauteed the corn, some chopped onion, the spinach and edamame while I "cooked"  the rice in the microwave.  Once the rice was ready I dumped it into the veggies and added a teaspoon of  Better than Boullion Chicken (a staple in my house) and cooked until the liquid evaporated.

I served this as a side to steamed shrimp, and it was a HIT!!!  You could make this a main dish by adding some leftover meat or some egg.

Even though this is not a grandiose recipe, I hope it inspires you not to be afraid to use what you have in unexpected ways - when it works out, you will look like a genius!