The Battle Continues- Organizing the Fridge

A messy fridge posted from my past!
Many of you with an interest in food, particularly ethnic foods may have the same problem I do. 
Indian, Chinese, and other ethnic dishes often require you to buy a number of special ingredients, that you have to refrigerate once opened.  In my fridge harissa, black bean paste, and tapanade fights for space with 5 kinds of mustard, three or 4 kinds of jellies and jams and three nut butters, making for confusion and frustration, particularly when these lesser-used ingredients find their way yo the inner reaches of the fridge and I am looking for them desperately.  It often results in me buying an ingredient I was sure I had but couldn't find, only to find it later, and then I have to find room for 2 of the same things!!!!

Well thanks to so kitchen bins I bought at Costco (so much
cheaper than the same bins at Bed, Bath, and Beyond),  I spent a couple of hours and organized all these ingredients and condiments into bins and I feel like a choir of angels should sing everytime I
open the fridge door! Not only are these ingredients grouped to make it easier to find what I am looking for, I can simply slide the bin out and see all the way to the back without moving things emptying the fridge, etc.

How do you deal with the plethora of ingredients that come with being a foodie?


Erica Lea said…
I really need to do this to my fridge. If only we had a Costco nearby!
Deborah Dowd said…
Erica, I think you can get individual bins at Walmart, but the set at Costco was very economical and putting things in the bins means fewer spills!!!